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Joe Overstreet Innovation of Flight: Paintings 1967-1972 -  - Publications - Eric Firestone Gallery

Joe Overstreet Innovation of Flight: Paintings 1967 - 1972 is the catalog for an exhibition at Eric Firestone Gallery, New York. With 20 color plates, documentary photographs, and essays by Barbara Rose and LeRonn Brooks, Ph.D., this catalog is an opportunity to revisit a radical body of work made nearly 50 years ago. Overstreet’s 1970s paintings are suspended canvases both tethered to the ground with ropes and raised into flight. In them, the language of geometric abstract painting is re-imagined into monumental installations that tell stories about the painful realities of African American history through innovative spatial structures.

Publisher: Eric Firestone Press
Contributors: Horace Brockington, Barbara Rose, LeRonn P. Brooks, Ph.D
Binding: Softcover
Dimensions: 10 x 8 in
Pages: 73

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