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Miriam Schapiro, The California Years: 1967 – 1975 -  - Publications - Eric Firestone Gallery

Schapiro is widely recognized as a pioneering feminist artist who incorporated feminine and decorative motifs into her radical work. Miriam Schapiro, The California Years: 1967 – 1975 traces the transformation of Schapiro’s iconic hard edge painting of the late 1960s to her inventive femmage works made beginning in 1972. In these key years for Schapiro’s career and postwar American Art in general, in her time on the West Coast, Schapiro experimented with computer manipulation in her work while a professor at UC San Diego and lead the famed Feminist Art Program at Cal Arts. In a new essay, Gregory Volk explores the continuities and discoveries in Schapiro’s practice during these years of transition. This beautifully illustrated catalogue, published on the occasion of a 2016 exhibition at Eric Firestone Loft, New York, features 14 full-color plates of Schapiro’s work from this important period.

Publisher: Eric Firestone Press 
Contributors: Gregory Volk
Binding: Softcover
Dimensions: 9 x 8 in
Pages: 40
Retail: $40



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