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THOMAS SILLS: VARIEGATIONS, PAINTINGS FROM THE 1950S-70S -  - Publications - Eric Firestone Gallery

Eric Firestone Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition Thomas Sills: Variegations, Paintings from the 1950s - 70s, accompanied by a digital catalog and online viewing room. 

The gallery also announces exclusive representation of the Estate of Thomas Sills.

Thomas Sills (1914 - 2000) was a significant African-American artist who created a major body of abstract paintings that respond to process, natural phenomena and forces. The paintings, which have a delicate and unusual palette, synthesize the figure/ground relationship with optical equivalencies between colors, and free-flowing, outwardly-radiating patterns.

Sills, who grew up in Castalia, North Carolina in a large family, was not exposed to art or art-making in his youth or young adulthood. He began to paint – almost clandestinely – in his late 30s, and went on to be the subject of four well-received solo shows at Betty Parsons between 1955 and 1961. His work was also acquired by a long roster of significant museums across the country, including the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, all New York; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Publisher: Eric Firestone Press 
Title: Thomas Sills: Variegations, Paintings from the 1950s-70s
Contributors:    Jennifer Samet
Publication Date:  February 2022
Binding: Softcover
Dimensions: 8 x 10 in
Pages: 36
Retail: $40

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